About Uella

We are a non-profit organization based in Austria - Working globally; Focused on supporting women entrepreneurs to overcome the emotional obstacles, unhelpful beliefs, and setting up healthy boundaries in their everyday life, be it
professionally or personally.

Our Promise

We promise to make women entrepreneurs bolder, less afraid to make mistakes and help them develop their true potential within their core beliefs and value system. Our programs are attracting women who just started a business and those already in their respective fields and have recognized their weaknesses and imperfections and are not afraid to ask for help.

We will empower at least 60 women from all around the world in our first year and help create a post-COVID world with women leading the way.

Our Philosophy

We don't just strive for success of our women entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow because of our Promise, but because we build relationships based on empathy and understanding, respect and integrity of their needs. We care about our women, they become an ingrained part of our future as soon as they join us.

“I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success.”
—Gloria Vanderbilt

Our Purpose

We support women in entrepreneurship around the world in an aspect that is often neglected in the business world. We help to overcome emotional struggles and encourage them to develop resilience, effective communication, and healthy boundaries. We help them understand their needs & deal with tough negotiations, discrimination, inclusivity & many more.

“If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.” —Dolly Parton

Our Future

The future is bright; with more women pursuing roles as leaders, innovators and creators as never before, we empower women founders who change the landscape of entrepreneurship and are on the constant lookout for improvement prospering in their own respective fields.

“Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.” H.C.

Our Team

Melita Cepin, Founder & Organizational Psychologist

I am an Oxford-trained organizational transactional analyst. I am absolutely intrigued by humans' individuality, and exploring how to improve our thinking, feeling, and behaving to be more authentic and content, is my greatest passion. Using my knowledge and expertise with women founders is my privilege and work I am proud to do!

I believe that a bright future is on the horizon, I believe that discrimination against women is a topic of our near future, and it is my belief that equality and inclusiveness is something worth fighting for to the last breath.

I am a three-time founder in different countries, and the cultural context is crucial to our success. My vision is to contribute to a better tomorrow for women worldwide, overcome their own and social limitations, and become successful and content women who do their work with the pride and achievements that belong to them. I want to help today’s women set role models for our daughters, the women of our future, whether in Europe, Africa, or Australia.


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